Testing And Measuring Instruments

With test and measuring instruments you can determine wether the demanded values for the estuary of the bottle with our aluminium screw type caps were kept or the locking head is defected or not correctly adjusted.

Untwisting Standard of Value

This equipment serves the statement of untwisting standard of values from screw type cap bottles.
The locked bottle is mounted on a spring disc and the pointers of dragging is brought to the announcement in zero position. After turning of the lock you can see the untwist worth on the indicating scale. When you turn the lock right, you can see the again lock worth.
The equipment is applicable for all screw type caps (pilfer proof and gas density catches).

Draw Depth Measuring Instrument

This equipment serves the examination of the deformation gas density of a lock within a seal range by the plunger of the locking head. The depth of the compound deformation is the tightness dependent.
The measuring instrument is pressed by hand on the locked bottle. On the scale from the dial gauge you can see the draw depth.
The equipment is available for gas density locks 28 mm and 31,5 mm.

Head Pressure Test Bottle (Locking Pressure Gauge)

This equipment serves the examination of the head pressure from locking machines.
First you bring the manometer in zero position and then you can put the testing bottle like a normal bottle into the locking machine. After passing the machine you can read the head pressure from the provided diagram.
This instrument is available for all bottles ex 200 mm high and ex 60 mm body diameter, as for screw type caps as for crown cap estuary.

Lateral Pressure Spring Balance

This equipment conduces to determination of the lateral pressure by locking machines.
During the normal locking process the machine will stop by every locking head on the locking point. Then every worm roll was pulled away from the lock with the lateral pressure spring balance. The side pressure is the power, that was necessary to pull up the worm roll from the lock. You can see it on the scale from the balance.